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Have you watched our videos with Christina Henck of Henck Design? If you aren’t familiar with Christina, let us tell you a bit about her! Christina is an award winning interior designer who is best known for her sophisticated design work in homes around the Greater Philadelphia area. Some of her noteworthy projects are in Center City, Northern Liberties, the Main Line, and Avalon. You can also find Christina on an episode of Fyi’s “Sell This House.”

Over the last six months, three of our top-performing agents had the opportunity to sit down with Christina to discuss all things related to home buying/selling, decorating, and renovating. It was so much fun getting to know Christina and learn about the work of another professional in the home industry. 

In the first video of the series, our very own Kate Vail visited Christina at her client’s home office in Conshohocken. We loved checking out the stunning space and definitely learned some valuable tips on how to add life to a home office.

Over the summer Andrew Mascieri met Christina at her design room in Queen Village. The two discussed design and architecture, the importance of mood boards in the design process, project management, and small renovations that make a big impact. 

Our most recent video with Christina featured Liz Lutz, who always brings lots of energy and enthusiasm! Liz and Christina have something in common – they both live and work with young families in Queen Village. These ladies tell us how sellers can get their homes ready for an open house and decorating trends that are family-friendly and child-proof. 

Looking to rent, buy, sell or invest with one of our great agents? You can contact Kate, Andrew, or Liz directly or reach out to Christina via her website for a home transformation.

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