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Nov. 6, 2020

New Lead-Based Paint Laws Impacting Landlords

At PhillyLiving, our desire is to keep our renters, owners, and investors in-the-know on all real estate related news. 

“Our goal at Philly Living Management Group is to ensure that we are up-to-date and in compliance with all city laws and ordinances. We are striving to inform our landlords of any new expenses or licensing requirements that are enacted and that could potentially affect their investment,” says Matt Bremner, President of PhillyLiving Management Group.

One such ordinance is the new lead-based paint law that is now in effect and will impact every landlord across the city. 

As of October 2020, all rental properties built pre-1978 will require a lead-based paint inspection by a certified lead inspector. Without this new inspection, landlords will not be able to get a rental license and certificate of rental suitability, which is required in Philadelphia to be able to evict tenants or collect rental assistance from the city. This new inspection will cost landlords between $150 to $400 per home. Lead-free property certificates will be valid forever, while lead-safe certificates will need to be resubmitted every four years if submitted after February 1, 2020. 

According to the City of Philadelphia’s website, “Exposure to even small amounts of lead in childhood can cause lifelong learning and behavior problems. The purpose of the law is to prevent children from becoming lead poisoned, and to ensure they live in lead-free or lead-safe housing by requiring landlords to certify a property rented to families is lead safe or lead free. Despite years of progress, each year significant numbers of children in Philadelphia suffer the irreparable harm of lead poisoning because of exposure to deteriorated lead paint and lead dust in their homes. More than half of these children are living with their families in rental units.”

The health ordinance of the City of Philadelphia is being rolled out by zip code between October 2020 and April of 2022. This means that every rental unit will have to comply with the ordinance by April of 2022. For more information on the new lead-based paint laws, visit Bill No. 180936-A and be sure to check out the great FAQ available for landlords which outlines the roll-out plan by zip code. 

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Oct. 6, 2020

Senior Real Estate Specialist, Kelly Steyn - A Real Good Agent

Chances are, if you haven’t assisted your own parents or grandparents in downsizing their home, you might not be aware of the special needs that senior citezens sometimes have when buying a new home, or when making a decision regarding selling and downsizing or “aging in place.” In 2013, PhillyLiving agent, Kelly Steyn, helped her own aging parents downsize their home. During the process, she realized that most real estate agents might not have the patience to work with seniors in the buying and selling process and educate them on what they need to know at their stage in life. Kelly, however, has a genuine interest in supporting seniors throughout the process, no matter how long it takes. In fact, six years ago, she became certified as a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) and is recertified annually.  

Kelly is known for her referral network of experts in clean-outs, organization, and estate sales - all services often requested by seniors. Her expertise has allowed her to understand the senior demographic and it’s unique needs including senior-focused loans. For those who decide to age in place, she’s able to offer advice on how to modify a home to help meet the challenges of growing older - for example, eliminating steps and converting bedrooms and bathrooms.

“Homeowners wanting to age in place should focus on how to really thrive in place,” says Kelly. “I encourage my clients to think about what they enjoy doing and how they can continue doing that long term. We strategize on how to both increase property value and lifestyle when making tweaks.” 

The need for Senior Real Estate Specialists is great as the baby boomer market is currently looking to downsize or move into assisted living facilities. Night school programs and community centers occasionally request for Kelly to provide educational presentations to the elderly. Know someone that could use Kelly’s help? Reach out and connect with Kelly at or 484-343-2406.

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Sept. 2, 2020

Things to Do in Philly During Labor Day Weekend

While the Made in America festival is (understandably) cancelled this year, there is still plenty to do in the city during this holiday weekend! With the help of Visit Philly, here is our handpicked list of activities to enjoy this Labor Day. 

Museum of the American Revolution - Reopens September 3rd: The Museum of the American Revolution in Old City is opening its doors again- with new safety protocols in place- and welcomes all to learn about the war and the beginnings of this nation with its incomparable collection of artifacts, including George Washington's tent! Due to capacity limits purchasing tickets beforehand is strongly encouraged: check out their site to learn more.  

Dinosaur Safari - September 4th-13th: Did someone say dinosaur safari? You better believe it! The popular exhibit is moving from Montgomery County to South Philly for the week- take your favorite dinosaur fan through a safari of a lifetime, right outside of the Wells Fargo Center. Be sure to grab your tickets asap, as we're sure they will be gone in a flash! 

Philadelphia Museum of Art - Reopens September 6th: Starting Sunday, September 6th, you're able to both run up the steps AND walk inside! The museum will be opening with limited hours and tickets, so be sure visit their site for more information and to order your tickets in advance. 

Self Guided Walking Tours - Any Time: If you are looking to stay outdoors and away from crowds, a self-guided tour may be just the ticket! Philly has a variety of self guided tours to choose from, including one from The Independence National Historical Park through the Independence Mobile App, two walking tours of Philly's Anti-Slavery History which can be found here, and two tours offered by Mural Arts Philadelphia on their website

Live-In Drive-In Concert Series at Citizens Bank Park - September 5th to 7th: Citizens Bank Park continues to host its "Live-In Drive-In" series with performances from Dark Star Orchestra on the 5th and 6th, and the Labor Day Comedy Jam featuring Michael Blackson & Friends, and Special guest DJ Jazzy Jeff! Tickets are available for purchase here. 

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Sept. 2, 2020

Philly Trivia: How Large is Philadelphia in Square Miles?

If you said B, you're right! Philadelphia spans 141.7 square miles. 

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July 30, 2020

PhillyLiving Announces Strategic Partnership With PMG to Form PhillyLiving Management Group

Thursday, July 30, 2020

PHILADELPHIA, PA - One of the leading real estate businesses in the country, PhillyLiving, today announced a strategic partnership with the well-known property management firm, PMG, to form PhillyLiving Management Group.

Former President of PMG, Mr. Matt Bremner, will continue to lead his existing team, while the PhillyLiving team of 20 full-time rental, sales, and commercial real estate agents and a back office staff will bring more exposure and a tremendous amount of future investment and divestment opportunities to the new entity.

"In July 2020, PMG decided that a strategic partnership with the respected real estate team, PhillyLiving, was the best way to service our tenants, homeowners, and landlords,"said Mr. Bremner. "The decision was made carefully and with good intention for myself and my clients - in a way that would only improve our performance and relationships."

Under the leadership of Mr. Noah Ostroff, PhillyLiving has worked hard to build a strong brand in Philadelphia since 2010. “We certainly see PhillyLiving Management Group as a strategic step towards an exciting larger vision,” said Mr. Ostroff. “We will continue to execute on our promise to provide a seamless real estate experience."

As for what is next for the new entity, the former PMG team will stay in place at their 13th street location in Philadelphia until a new office is completed for the larger PhillyLiving team at Broad and Fitzwater in 2021. Together, the entire team will offer unparalleled full-service solutions to clients throughout their real estate journey.

For more information on PhillyLiving Management Group, contact Noah Ostroff at

About PhillyLiving:

PhillyLiving is all about enhancing quality of life and making it easier for people to experience moments of joy through real estate. What started as a one-man team led by Noah Ostroff in 2010 has become a full-service organization with 33 agents and an experienced in-house operations group that supports all types of real estate transactions. In 2017, PhillyLiving acquired the largest real estate rental brokerage in Philadelphia, The Philly Apartment Company, which has leased 15,000 properties to date. Most recently in 2020, a new division of PhillyLiving called PhillyLiving Management Group was formed to expand the business in the area of property management.

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July 29, 2020

Philly Trivia: How Tall Is the William Penn Statue that Sits on Top of City Hall?


If you said C, you're right! "Billy Penn" stands at 37 feet tall and is the tallest statue sitting on top of a building in the world! 


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July 1, 2020

Things to do in Philly During July

Philadelphia is still in the yellow phase, but residents and visitors alike can still enjoy themselves in the city and surrounding areas! Take a look at our list below of the top things to do during July: 

Virtual Wawa Welcome America Festival - July 4th: This year the party is coming to you! Join artists such as Jason Derulo and Cynthia Erivo virtually for their performances at the Philadelphia Met on the 4th. Check out Welcome America's website for more info!


Reopening of Longwood Gardens - July 1st: The stunning grounds that once belonged to Pierre du Pont are opening to the public again! For the time being timed tickets and masks are mandatory if you plan to visit the gardens. Take a look at their website for more info on visiting their amazing greenhouses and amazing outdoor water fountain displays. 


Philly Parks on Tap: While their operations may have changed some in order to keep patrons safe, Parks on Tap opened on June 12th and plans to continue throughout the summer! This year they are staying in one summer long location, the grounds of the Fairmount Park Horticulture Center, by the Franz Shubert memorial. For more info on what else has changed, be sure to take a look at their site


Treetop Quest in Fairmount Park: And speaking of Fairmount Park, their Treetop Quest attraction is now open! In light of Covid-19 you'll need to reserve your tickets now, but if you are looking for a fun outdoor activity this is one to definitely check out!




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June 30, 2020

In What Year Was Independence Day Declared a Holiday?


If you answered D, you're right! Independence Day was first declared a holiday in the year 1870 

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May 27, 2020

Philly Trivia: What Year Did The First Daily Newspaper Begin Publishing?

If you said C, you're right! The first daily newspaper was published all the way back in 1786! 

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May 27, 2020

Things to Do at Home in Philly During June

Restrictions are beginning to lift, but we are still encouraged to practice social distancing and to stay home as much as possible. We've put together a few activities you can still enjoy from the comfort of your home, and possibly even hop on Zoom with a couple of friends to share the fun!


Online Art Show - Peruse (and Maybe even Purchase) Local Art: The Arts & Cultural Council of Bucks County is hosting an online exhibit, showcasing over 60 of the area's top artists and offering viewers over 130 works to admire, and possibly even purchase. Be sure to take a look! 


Virtual Beer Tasting- Breweries Delivering to Your Doorstep: While you may not be able to share a cold one with your friends at one of Philly's outdoor beer gardens, you can still partake in Philly's craft beer scene with your favorite IPA fans! Visit Philly has an extensive list of breweries just ready and waiting to drop some delicious beverages on your doorstep. Check out Visit Philly's list and pick out some craft beers you and your friends would like to try! 


Virtual Spa Day - Practice Some Self Care: Set up a zoom call with some of your closest friends and have a spa day! Duross & Langel has delivery & twice weekly pickup windows to grab your favorite skincare products, and if you want to stay inside, no worries! Franklin & Whitman has a Face Care kit that can be delivered to your door. Grab your friends for a for some quality screen time and treat yourselves to a home spa experience!  

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