Kate Vail, REALTOR®


Kate Vail began her lifelong commitment to learning with a Fortune 100 Company before moving to an options trader position on a trading floor. Kate used this financial training to invest in real estate, Airbnb’s, and more. Since then, Kate has represented sellers and developers in new construction, residential, and commercial up to 20 units. 

Kate has a strong belief that most real estate agents don't have training in negotiation or in learning how language impacts the results - and most don’t have a coach who helps them support their clients. Kate isn’t like most agents. She has a Certification in Negotiation, has spent over a quarter of a million dollars on increasing her skills, and she is a certified business coach who currently has three coaches of her own. Kate is looking to work with business-minded, analytical sellers and buyers who envision a partnership with a savvy native-born agent who can help them build their portfolio in real estate. If that’s you, let’s talk!