This weather has the heaters running on overdrive…and with that our bills are higher than usual. There’s not too much we can do about the weather, so we’ve gathered some great tips from local professionals on how to cut back on your energy use without freezing yourselves out this winter!

  • Not too many of us have them...but fireplaces can be tricky this time of year. Forgetting to close the damper is one way we’re allowing heat to escape the house and cold air to come in. If you build a fire, always remember to close the damper afterwards to seal the home.
  • This is an easy one but sometimes overlooked...set your thermostat to “auto” rather than the “on” setting. This will allow for your system to shut off when it reaches the set temperature so it won’t constantly run & will maintain a consistent temperature throughout the day.
  • Do you notice a particular room in the home, or space that’s cooler than the rest of the home?  If it’s a window, placing heavy-duty clear plastic over it can help keep cold air out. If you think you may still need easy access to your windows over the cooler months, you could always invest in insulating/heavy blinds.
  • Easiest tip of them all, just adjust the temperature. If you’re headed out overnight or for the weekend keep your heat on, but turn the temperature up and keep it on “auto” so the system is not running consistently & as frequently.

These super simple tips could save you in the long run, especially since yesterday was the first day of 2018 we reached ABOVE FREEZING!

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