We know you all have been dying to hear more about the Fitler Club, which is totally understandable. It's one of Philly's newest social clubs, and from all reports it is set to be amazing! We were able to grab the owner of the Fitler Club and ask him a few questions about this exciting up and coming project: 


Being the owner and creator of the Fitler Club, what do you imagine seeing when you walk through the club when it’s members are enjoying all the amenities & what conversations do you foresee overhearing as you walk through?

I imagine seeing a diverse community of Philadelphia's leaders and influencers coming together to work, socialize and play - and enjoying all the various areas of the club while socializing, working out or conducting business.  
How did you decide on the space at 2400 Market Street?
As soon as I walked into the building, I knew it was Fitler Club - the views, the dramatic ceiling heights and the proximity and access to not just Center & University City, but the western suburbs, 30th St station and ease of access to NYC and DC make it the true new "Center" of Center City 
How do you envision the shared office space to work? This is such a creative concept since it allows for many different types of industries to come together under one roof - the networking and business ideas that will come of this will be revolutionary.
We plan to make our collaborative office truly "one-of-a-kind" - in addition to being the only shared workspace with direct access to a world-class lifestyle club, we plan to elevate the offering further through a combination of design, exclusive programming and events.  We will be "industry agnostic" and plan to curate a unique group entrepreneurs and small businesses, including non-profits which we plan to support by making space available through our philanthropic initiatives.



We read that the architect had to adjust the design sense from the LA feel to accommodate the history of the building. Can you explain a bit further the history of the building and how you and your team chose to preserve some of its history & charm?

2400 Market Street is a classic early 20th century industrial building. Perched on the river, it features unimpeded views in many directions and a wide open floor plan. We decided to play up the views, light and ceiling heights by leaving as much of the original concrete as was feasible exposed, while still creating beautiful and distinct zones for our multiple bars, restaurants, lounges and other social and work spaces. Each area will bring Philadelphia squarely into the present while paying homage to the fact that Philly is also a city steeped in tradition. 



How do you see members utilizing the event space? If for weddings/parties, will this be limited to members only or will non-members be able to rent this space?

We will have Philadelphia's newest and most unique event space with over 10,000 square feet of programming including a 4,600 square foot ballroom, breakout and board/meeting rooms, private dining, a screening room and our trophy room which features flexible meeting space perched above a bowling alley, private bar, billiards and other games. Members will have preferred rates for events, but we will allow companies, charities and non-members to book events in the dedicated event space as well.  




Will there be any opportunity for non-members to rent out space in Fitler Club (ie. movie theater, dinner reservations, hotel, etc.)

As described above, non-members will only be able to access our event space which contains our ballroom, boardroom and trophy room (along with indoor and outdoor pre-function areas).  

Will there be a cap to how many members are initially accepted? If so, how many members will be accepted at first? From there, how will it be determined when there will be more members added?

Yes - we can only accommodate a limited number of members when we open. We are nearing capacity for our initial target of 800-1000 members but anticipate that once we are open and stabilized, we will be able to admit additional members. 
What cuisine of food will be offered at the two restaurants, are both going to be overseen by Chef Kevin Spraga? Will both be open to all members or will one be predominately for investors and the other for members?
Kevin Sbraga will oversee two restaurants, two lounges and our catering and events menus. We will have world-class offerings in each with our signature restaurant featuring seasonal American cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner and our Back Bar restaurant serving as our gastro-pub. Both are open to our members only (along with their lucky guests!) 
As with many clubs, there are dress codes. What, if any, will be the dress code for members at Fitler Club? 
There is no formal dress code beyond what we are calling "occasion appropriate". We trust our members judgement!

Are all ages welcome? 

YES! So long as they are accompanied by their parents, children are welcome at the club including our restaurants and screening room, as well as during designated hours in our pool and trophy room. We also have babysitting in the field house for when you need a few hours to escape!


Are members able to bring guests? 

Yes, members are able to invite guests to dine with them and enjoy our social spaces. However we won't be able to accommodate guests in our field house and spa.




We’ve read a projected opening of early 2019, is there a more concrete month or date for the grand opening? Will there be any soft launches for members to attend leading up to the grand opening? 

We are still on track for a first quarter 2019 opening - we can't wait!