The house may feel empty and cold with the warmth of the holidays behind us however we've come up with a few great ways to decorate before the spring decorations hit the shelves! First, as with any change to the house, it’s always best to do a deep clean. We’ve have people in and out of the home of the holidays, decorations creating dust and food throughout the kitchen, dining room and probably living room (if you hosted!). Now is a great time to refresh all your cleaning products and use them before redecorating.


The warmth of the tree, the lights and maybe even a festive throw pillow or blanket has gone and you’re back to the old pillows and decor, but it doesn’t need to feel that way! Adding in a plant (real or faux) can really bring a room back to life. Large potted floor plants are a great way to bring in some extra oxygen and fill that gaping hole where the tree used to be.


Next, seasonal coloring seems to be a thing of the past. Pastels are typically left for spring and darker hues for the winter, but why? Why surround yourself with darker colors when it’s already dark more than 50% of the day?! Break out those lighter colors to allow for a brighter room even when the sun is setting at 5pm. Cooler light colors are a good way to transition from the winter months into spring.


Whether your winter decorations are still up or you’re already decorated for spring it’s always nice to do a refresh. We hope this has helped...if not, try Tidying Up on Netflix for inspiration!