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Kate Vail is a top-producing agent on the PhillyLiving team who works almost exclusively with sellers. She’s a Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE) who is skilled in asking questions that create clarity and action for her sellers. For Kate, negotiation is about creating a win/win for everyone involved in the deal. She knows there is a way that a buyer gets the house they want and the seller gets the price and terms they want — it just may take time (and questions) to get there.

In Kate’s YouTube video above, she discusses how negotiations are an extremely overlooked aspect of working with sellers – especially when the seller needs to get the best price. She outlines how there are multiple touch points in every sales deal where negotiating comes into play, including:

  • Meeting and initially discussing the home with the seller
  • Discussing pricing
  • Discussing when to put the house on the market 
  • Discussing the home’s condition
  • Negotiating once the house is on the market
  • Negotiating with the buyer 
  • Negotiating with the buyer’s agent and understanding the buyer’s feedback
  • Negotiating when the deal comes in and understanding the buyer’s motivations
  • Negotiating after inspections
  • Discussing the appraisal
  • Negotiating when a buyer views the property after the agreement of sale

The importance of negotiating during all of these touch points throughout the home selling process means you should want to work with an agent who is a highly skilled negotiator like Kate. She’s passionate about quickly uncovering the objections to purchasing a particular home from potential buyers so that she can create opportunities to bridge the gap with the right buyer.

Convinced you need Kate in your corner? Contact her at – and while you’re at it, go subscribe to her YouTube channel for more great content.

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