Chances are, if you haven’t assisted your own parents or grandparents in downsizing their home, you might not be aware of the special needs that senior citezens sometimes have when buying a new home, or when making a decision regarding selling and downsizing or “aging in place.” In 2013, PhillyLiving agent, Kelly Steyn, helped her own aging parents downsize their home. During the process, she realized that most real estate agents might not have the patience to work with seniors in the buying and selling process and educate them on what they need to know at their stage in life. Kelly, however, has a genuine interest in supporting seniors throughout the process, no matter how long it takes. In fact, six years ago, she became certified as a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) and is recertified annually.  

Kelly is known for her referral network of experts in clean-outs, organization, and estate sales - all services often requested by seniors. Her expertise has allowed her to understand the senior demographic and it’s unique needs including senior-focused loans. For those who decide to age in place, she’s able to offer advice on how to modify a home to help meet the challenges of growing older - for example, eliminating steps and converting bedrooms and bathrooms.

“Homeowners wanting to age in place should focus on how to really thrive in place,” says Kelly. “I encourage my clients to think about what they enjoy doing and how they can continue doing that long term. We strategize on how to both increase property value and lifestyle when making tweaks.” 

The need for Senior Real Estate Specialists is great as the baby boomer market is currently looking to downsize or move into assisted living facilities. Night school programs and community centers occasionally request for Kelly to provide educational presentations to the elderly. Know someone that could use Kelly’s help? Reach out and connect with Kelly at or 484-343-2406.