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Dave Eisner considers himself fortunate to have grown up in Philadelphia with strong roots and connections in this great city. He’s also been able to carve out a niche as a realtor in the luxury home market — and he’s passionate about sharing his knowledge and expertise with any buyer or seller. Read on to educate yourself like a luxury home buyer. 

Dave Eisner
Dave Eisner

Many people within Philadelphia realize that neighborhoods almost operate like small towns and that real estate within each neighborhood is priced differently based on the amenities the area offers. There is also a big difference between the condo versus the single-family home market in Philadelphia. Philadelphia is unique in this way from other cities such as New York, which really only offers a condo/co-op product with much fewer single-family townhomes on the market. Now add to those market differences, the aspect of luxury living and it adds a whole other dimension to residential real estate. 

Dave says a house on Delancey Street versus a condo on Rittenhouse Square can have drastically different pricing, despite being within feet of one another. The two properties might be similar in size and amenities but the supply level of the different products could command an entirely different price. With luxury homes and condos, there’s a limited amount of them on the market which helps to create demand and protect their value as a result.

Accurate pricing is extremely important for these homes, as it should be with all real estate transactions. However, luxury home buyers are often more experienced and educated about the home that they desire, therefore, they better understand when it is not priced accurately. Dave has found that luxury buyers often will not tour a property that they or their agent believe is positioned poorly in the market. Other buyers may opt to tour a property anyway and then offer a more accurate price based on the market conditions. 

Luxury home buyers are certainly one type of buyer Dave has worked with over his real estate career but he’s been fortunate to work with buyers of all kinds with budgets between $70,000 and $5 Million. It’s not enough to just be educated about a neighborhood when you are ready to buy or sell. You should also work with an agent who is able to provide true comparables, properly analyze the micro-market conditions, and provide accurate data to their clients. The agent should be an expert at setting the right price for a fast home sale or negotiating a great price for a competitive home purchase. 

How does Dave stack up to other realtors? On average, listings Dave places on the market have sold for 99.7% of the asking price.

“Dave was a pleasure to work with. Very responsive, follow-through was excellent, communication was direct. He and his team made the entire [selling] process easy and understandable. I would recommend him without reservation.” – Bill L.

Want to work with Dave and get a great price for your home? Contact him at or 215-913-3833.

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