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PHILADELPHIA — January 19, 2020 — Peter Young joins the PhillyLiving team in Philadelphia, a rockstar with a super interesting approach to real estate. 

A Rock and Roll Drummer in Real Estate Business with PhillyLiving

Peter, whose birth and artist name is Takis Kouvatseas, had a successful run in entertainment. His credits as a producer and scenic designer range from The Royal Opera House in England’s Covent Garden to the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and television show performances as a guest star include The Voice and as an Art Director and a judge for Greece’s Fame Story. As a celebrity musician-composer, he has toured globally with international artists at major venues including Madison Square Garden, Royal Albert Hall, and Carnegie Hall. Having toured globally for 25 years, he has more than 3,500 performances under his belt.

Peter Young

After meeting Peter, it’s likely you’ll understand how his success in the entertainment business translates into a successful real estate career. He believes in performing at a high level no matter what he is expected to do. It should come as no surprise then, that he views real estate open houses as an opportunity to entertain — his goal is to create a great atmosphere for people to want to stay and hangout. 

“Entertaining others makes me joyful and makes others joyful as well,” says Peter. “I create my own stage wherever I go, and the real estate industry just so happens to be where I am performing now.” 

Peter’s infectious outlook on life is one of happiness, respect, and acceptance. For more information on collaborating with Peter or to set an instant appointment, please visit his profile on Hey Philly music venues and television producers, you can also contact Peter directly at 212.877.9798. 

About PhillyLiving:

PhillyLiving is all about enhancing quality of life and making it easier for people to experience moments of joy through real estate. What started as a one-man team led by Noah Ostroff in 2010 has become a full-service organization with 33 agents and an experienced in-house operations group that supports all types of real estate transactions. In 2017, PhillyLiving acquired the largest real estate rental brokerage in Philadelphia, The Philly Apartment Company, which has leased 15,000 properties to date. Most recently in 2020, a new division of PhillyLiving called PhillyLiving Management Group was formed to expand the business in the area of property management.

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