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Mary Ito

Listing Coordinator

Mary Ito joined the PhillyLiving team in September 2020. Previously, she worked for another Real Estate Company as a Listing and Transaction coordinator. Prior to that, Mary gained professional experience working as a Team Lead for Sallie Mae Student Loans. She also worked many years as a Service Manager for a Property and Motor Insurance company.

As a Listing Coordinator, Mary is responsible for preparing listing information, managing MLS and other advertising portals when needed. She is also responsible for the maintenance of the listing from pre-marketing to expiration.

Mary lives in Cavite, one of the beautiful provinces of the Philippines, with her husband and four children. She loves overseeing her kids during homeschooling and you will mostly find her learning Occupational Therapy and other techniques for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). She is passionate about helping her own child with ASD, as well as other parents and their children.

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