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Progress report on Antiquarian's Delight conversion

Posted on Wednesday, April 30th, 2014 at 10:00am.

Progress report on Antiquarian's Delight conversion

Former B'nai Reuben Synagogue/a> Work is proceeding steadily on the conversion of the B'nai Reuben Synagogue, whose most recent incarnation was as an antiques bazaar, into 13 apartments. Licenses and Inspections issued an alteration permit for the former home of Antiquarian's Delight at 615 S. 4th St. in Queen Village in November 2013. In addition to the apartments, the building will have a leasing office on the ground floor, storage space for the tenants in the basement, and a penthouse for mechanical equipment. L&I briefly halted work on the project in January until contractor Design Development Construction could furnish licenses for all subcontractors. Front elevation/a> B'nai Reuben, built in 1905, housed the first Hasidic congregation in Philadelphia, Anshe Sfard, founded in 1883. From 1985 until last year, the building served as the home of Antiquarian's Delight. Photos by the author  

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Progress report on Antiquarian's Delight conversion » Philly Living Blog | Philadelphia Real Estate News & Articles

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