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Philly Trivia: Is it True, Betsy Ross sewed the First American Flag?

Posted by Admin PhillyLiving on Monday, June 25th, 2018 at 12:35pm.


We all know her and love her, especially if you live in Old City, where you are constantly passing by her home and seeing reenactors portraying her, however, was Betsy Ross the first to sew the American Flag for our country? 

Some would like to say yes however she was never credited with this work during her lifetime. She did sew the flag in 1776, however, there is no official documentation to confirm she was responsible for creating the very first flag. It is said that the uncle of Ross's husband recommended her for the job as a favor, and through her connections with Washington and Robert Morris (who were fellow worshippers at the same church), she could have had a part in the curation of the first flag. There is a receipt paid to her by the Pennsylvania State Navy Board for making "ship colours" on May 29th, 1777 and then less than a month later Congress officially adopted the stars & stripes as the national flag.

So while there is no official memo that Betsy Ross crafted the first flag, there are enough commonalities to suggest she played a large part in the design and possible creation of the flag without proper documentation

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