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We all consider Memorial Day to be the official start to summer...who wouldn’t want it to start then anyway? But in reality, June 21st is technically the start of our beloved season of sunshine, cold drinks & of course...heat! We’ve rounded up our favorite places to frequent when the weather gets hot & you just NEED to cool down...some just opening the first week of summer!

  • Spruce Street Harbor Park: This is no new news but always a favorite! Relax on tree strung hammocks or out over the river of off one of the barges offering food & drinks! Pick up some of your favorite fair food like funnel cake or cotton candy...maybe even a snowcone! Spruce Street Harbor Park is a great place to beat the heat...or embrace it!

  • Summerfest at the

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The Easter Bunny is busy right now, hopping from garden to garden, placing eggs for children to discover at Easter egg hunts throughout Philadelphia.

Easter is just around the corner, which means thoughts turn to spring—and eggs.

Along with the bunny and the finery, the Easter egg hunt is a tradition of the season of renewal. The Easter egg hunt itself is a simple affair: The Easter Bunny deposits eggs in secret locations, and children go looking for them in their hiding places. This business keeps the bunny hopping, though, because there are so many Easter egg hunts in Philadelphia and the surrounding region.

But why eggs on Easter?

The egg as a symbol of rebirth and renewal predates Easter; in pre-Christian times, the egg symbolized the

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Rothman Ice Rink at Dilworth ParkFrom Rothman Ice Rink at Dilworth Park in winter...
Spruce Street Harbor Spruce Street Harbor Park in summer, Philly's outdoor attractions offer year-round pleasure for residents and visitors alike. Combine them with great shopping and an exciting food scene and you have one great destination - in fact, one that The New York Times named one of 52 must-visit places worldwide this year. 

"...diverse, fascinating, and all too often, entirely overlooked."

That's how Thrillist described Philly's food scene when it ranked the city ninth in its list of "The 40 Biggest U.S. Cities, Ranked By Their Food."

You could say the same for the city's shopping, entertainment and outdoor attractions. But not any more, for this year, everyone's giving Philadelphia a second look—and

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Yep, that's right! You're full of bologna and so are we! For today is


Just when you were thinking, "Gee, there aren't enough occasions to glorify my favorite cold cuts," here comes PhillyLiving with a reminder to celebrate your sausage. Bologna has been around since about the 1400s, originating from --drum roll, please-- Bologna, Italy. In its Italian form, it's known as mortadella and has bits of fat, peppercorns and sometimes pistachios. Mortadella is to bologna as turkey on the Thanksgiving table is to pressed turkey from the deli counter. However, Americans will always be proud that their version has its own theme song. Natives of the tri-county area should raise a glass of Mirto (a digestif made of the same spice

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