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The condo lifestyle can offer a prime location, five star amenities and access to public transportation, but it can also limit your space. If you love your condo but need some creative storage ideas to hold all of your stuff, we have the answer! Even if you’re not desperate for more space, these storage ideas are so creative, you may want to take advantage anyway.

Storage Ottoman

Using furniture that can double in function is a great space saver (and a good way to clear the clutter). Grab an ottoman or two that can act as seating for guests, décor when it’s not being used, and storage space just by pulling off the top. Put away toys, books, decorations, or whatever you need to hide.

Hang It

Minimize the use of your valuable floor space by

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Before you start moving walls, adding additions, or tiling a floor, you may want to consider the stress you are under emotionally and financially if you are buying or selling.  Odds are, it seems your world is upside down as it is, so imagine tacking on a major renovation project?

If you are buying or selling a home, the question of whether or not to renovate will, at times, be at the forefront of your mind.  Perhaps you are considering renovations to make your home your own, or to make it more appealing to potential buyers. Either way, there are some things to consider before you grab your sledge hammer and start swinging. For starters, if you’re in the home buying process, you know better than anyone how exhausting and mentally draining

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Philly knows Independence Day like nowhere else in the nation.  Unlike most cities, we are reminded of the events of our fledgling nation around every corner and down every alley in neighborhoods like Old City, Society Hill, and Midtown Village.

When it comes to the actual holiday, we know you just want to get to the fun and the food, so we’re making decorating for summer holidays easy. Whether you’re planning a cookout, picnic or poolside party, these easy July 4th decorating tips will create a festive atmosphere.

Patriotic Paper Lanterns

You can grab inexpensive paper lanterns at nearly any craft store. Buy multiples of red, white, and blue lanterns to light up your stoop, patio, or deck. If those colors aren’t available, opt for all white

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Home improvement projects are difficult no matter where you live, but certain aspects of your location—features that make your city life great, like not having to depend on a personal vehicle—can compound their difficulty.

What do we mean? 

Well, if you are a suburban do-it-yourself handyperson, using your car or truck to pick up a few gallons of paint, or transporting a few lengths of trim, is a fairly simple task. 

But for the urbanite, a simple DIY task can suddenly seem monumental.  Just try taking 12-foot lengths of trim molding onto the subway or SEPTA bus.  It all depends on your project, but even 2 gallons of paint can be a burden with a 15 block walk.

You moved to the city for the ease of proximity and to save a few bucks on car

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From the squares in central Philly (Logan, Rittenhouse, Washington, Franklin) to Fairmount Park, Philadelphia has an abundance of open, green space, but try sowing a row of veggies or herbs in Rittenhouse Square, and you will likely be fined—or, at the very least, have a disappointing and trampled harvest. 

You’re in luck! knows that gardening isn’t just for those with spacious lots and a green thumbs. Don’t be afraid to delve into the world of herbs, fruits and veggies, even if your apartment is tight on space. In fact, you may have more of a green thumb than you think.  There’s only one way to find out. Grab your seed packets and pots, and let’s get started!


Railings Are Not Off Limits

Get creative and use window seal

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It’s time to shake off the winter woes and add a pop of color (or two) to your home, just in time for Easter. Preparing your house for spring doesn’t take a complete overhaul. Use everyday items you already have to create a welcoming environment for family, friends, and the Easter Bunny!

Bring the Outdoors In

Nothing says Easter quite like fresh flowers. Whether you trim a bouquet from your garden or stop by the floral section of your super market, fresh flowers awaken the senses and will make your home a little brighter.

CentralSquareFlorist recommends using flowers that are tied to the spring season. Many of those types of flowers grow from bulbs. Bring a wide array of color into your home by using tulips. These simple, easy-to-care-for

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Summer's a good time to add value to your home with improvements that also enhance its comfort and usefulness for you right now.

By Amun Yoon
Special to Philly Living 

Buying a house is one of the biggest investments people make over the span of their lives. Signing the stack of papers— which are equivalent in size to the English dictionary — seals the deal on owning the property and lands the owners with a set of keys that makes them feel like they just won the lottery.

For those homeowners out there who have felt this victory, you know it is both a great feeling as well as a huge responsibility. Now it is your turn to properly care for and maintain your house as you turn it into a home fit for your family. Each season brings a new set of lists

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red carpetRoll out the red carpet for your guests on Oscar Night and bask in the rave reviews for your party. Here's how to throw the ultimate VIP event.

Special to Philly Living

It’s that time of year again. The night we’ve all been waiting for: The Oscars! Whether you are watching for the red carpet couture, the celebrity sightings or actually want to see which film wins “Best Picture,” the evening's real star will be you, if you're inviting friends over for an Oscar-watching party. Marianne Gere, owner of ConshyGirls Events and Catering in Conshohocken, offers these ideas for an Academy Award-winning party.

Yes, that’s right. Glitz, glamour and good times can all be yours with a few simple tricks so that you can be the star of your own V.I.P.

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One of the most cost-effective repairs you can make before putting your home on the market is giving its walls a fresh coat of paint.

When it comes to listing your home, there's no single set of black-and-white rules that apply to every property and every seller. But check out these things to think about as you walk through your home with an agent or stager.


Fix! There's no accounting for the massive upgrade a fresh coat of paint can bring.

Major Kitchen Upgrades

Don't fix. Unless there are major structural issues, most new buyers would prefer to do something to their own taste.

Minor Kitchen Issues

Fix. Things like plumbing leaks should be fixed, and small updates like swapping out light fixtures can make a big difference.

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Is Philadelphia's current building boom a bubble in the making? The answer is unclear; crowdfunding moves into the home improvement arena; those rumored plans to restore the Metropolitan Opera House in Francisville might be moving past the rumor stage; and while everyone was ooohing and aahing over the Schuylkill River Trail boardwalk, something even more impressive made its debut on Manayunk's Venice Island:

Is Philadelphia in a Housing Bubble? (Next City)
Crowdfunding for home renovations? (
Meet the Met. The Guys Fixing It Up, You Already Know (Naked Philly) 
$46m Venice Island makeover debuts in Manayunk (Philadelphia Daily News| 

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