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A Buyer’s Market? Not In Center City

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014
Center City Market Action Report

Homes in many Philadelphia neighborhoods are selling faster and fetching better prices than they were one year ago.

Industry buzz is that the spring selling season is off to a slow start in Philadelphia. Yet local news reports say that agents nonetheless are optimistic about how the season will turn out.

So are we. If you are thinking of selling your Greater Center City home, now is a good time to act.

While a recent Zillow report ranks Philadelphia as one of the top 10 buyer’s markets in the country, many city neighborhoods are performing far stronger for sellers. According to Philly Living’s latest Market Action Report, median sale prices in Northern Liberties in February, for instance, rose 78 percent from the same month last year, and average days on market fell 44 percent. Other local markets, including Queen Village, Bella Vista, Hawthorne and Passyunk Square, are also performing strongly.

Center City District data show that the Greater Center City area – the territory between the rivers from Girard Avenue on the north to Tasker Street on the south – continues to experience a surge in population and that housing production has boomed since 2012. While many of these new arrivals are Millennials starting out in their careers, many are looking for homes to buy as well, stimulating construction surges in neighborhoods like Northern Liberties, Graduate Hospital and Point Breeze.

What does this mean for the home owner looking to sell? It means opportunity. With the help of an experienced Realtor (we happen to know one), a Center City homeowner can expect a positive outcome: a better sale price and a quicker sale.



Top 5 Healthy Restaurants in Northern Liberties

Monday, January 27th, 2014

To the untrained eye, Philadelphians may not notice the infusion of Northern Liberties real estate dedicated to healthy eating. Low and behold, one of Philadelphia’s most exciting neighborhoods is now home to a slew of establishments for the health nut, vegetarian, or dieting individual. With health crazes booming throughout the country, Northern Liberties has joined in on the action. Check out the fabulous dining options available in the neighborhood, from the casual brunch to an elegant dinner.

Northern Liberties Real Estate Goes Lean

SazonShowcasing the Best Healthy Restaurants in Northern Liberties by Philly Living

Gluten-free fanatics will love Sazon, which offers plenty of options sans gluten on their menu. Not to mention, they also offers a 100% gluten-free buffet on Saturdays. Most notably, Sazon’s hot chocolate has customers flocking into their restaurant. The restaurant’s hot cocoa, called “cacao,” has captured the taste buds of Northern Liberties and all throughout Philadelphia. The owners proudly boast Sazon as the first traditional Venezuelan restaurant in all of Pennsylvania.


Indian food has become a go-to cuisine for vegetarian and health-conscious foodies alike, which makes Tiffin an easy selection for this list. Located on West Girard Avenue, this Northern Liberties real estate makes up one of six locations throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area. Expect a traditional Indian experience with popular dishes, such as vegetarian meatballs in a cashew sauce and Paneer Tikka Masala. Tiffin also offers a friendly BYOB policy.

Green Eggs Cafe

The breakfast portion of our list takes us to a Northern Liberties classic: Green Eggs Cafe. This Northern Liberties breakfast and brunch spot offers signature dishes you won’t find at your standard breakfast diner, featuring Chicken and Waffles Benedict, Apple Pie French Toast and their famous Red Velvet Pancakes. Vegan options are present throughout the menu, including Green Eggs’ original Vegan Chicken Cheesesteak. If you’re looking to head over to Green Eggs Cafe? on a Lazy Sunday, make sure to have cash on your person, as they do not accept credit cards.

Dos Segundos Cantina

Home of the popular Sunday Brunch, Dos Segundos Cantina provides several traditional Mexican dishes with plenty of ways to customize your meal. In addition, vegetarian options are sprinkled all over Dos Segundos Cantina’s menu, including a portion of the restaurant’s eleven taqueria choices. This Northern Liberties real estate offers an outdoor deck, wooden bar, and an extensive tequila menu for a casual dining experience.


Center City: Rich Economic and Residential Development

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

Located in the heart of the city, Center City is quickly gaining ground as one of the largest residential downtowns in the nation. Good things come in threes and Center City is no exception. Center City operates as the country’s third largest central business district and is also renowned as the third most populous city in the nation. Philadelphia has an abundance of employment opportunities with affordable housing. This leads to great real estate finds for Center City and the surrounding area.

Riding the wave of Philadelphia’s revitalization, Center City has emerged as one of the most profitable areas to reside in. The thriving area reveals Center City as Philadelphia neighborhood with a rich abundance of economic growth and residential development, with no signs of slowing down. Center City has continued to reinvest and expand the tenets that make major cities thrive. Food, culture, nightlife, work, and residential living are all constantly being improved with affordability in mind.Living in Center City Real Estate

Center City’s Real Estate Boom

With constant real estate developments in the downtown area, many families and young professionals are moving to the surrounding neighborhoods for easier convenience. Explore one of many Center City neighborhoods that encompass residential areas: Bella Vista, Fairmount, Graduate Hospital, Loft District, Logan Square, Northern Liberties, Old City, East Passyunk, Point Breeze, Queen Village, Rittenhouse Square, Society Hill, and Washington West.

While there seem to be many Center City neighborhoods, each of the neighborhoods has a distinguishing character that sets it apart from the rest. Check out the real estate at Bella Vista neighborhood that houses the Italian Market. It has such a gorgeous appearance that the literal translation to Bella Vista means “beautiful view.” If you’re looking for significantly historic neighborhoods, visit some of the oldest neighborhoods in Philadelphia with Old City, Society Hill and Queen Village. The real estate in the area features beautiful homes ideal for anyone from the urban dweller to big families.

Look no further than Rittenhouse Square for a visually intriguing neighborhood. Known as the signature fashionable residential district, the homes are classically maintained with traditional brownstone gothics and Victorian mansions, with some modern apartments and condominiums nestled in between. While Fairmount neighborhood is known as a fine arts mecca, Northern Liberties the town known for an electric nightlife. The neighborhood wears its hipster connotations proudly with affordable prices. The nightlife and artistic expression attracts a younger demographic into the neighborhood and provides many real estate opportunities for newcomers.

Living in Northern Liberties Philadelphia

Friday, October 11th, 2013

Bordered by Girard Ave to the north, Callowhill Street to the south, North 6th Street to the west, and the Delaware River to the east, Northern Liberties is a thriving neighborhood located north of Philadelphia’s Center City. What was once home to old row houses and warehouses now has been revitalized and is a beautiful area for artists, young families, and musicians. This diverse and eclectic neighborhood is full of locally owned restaurants, open parks, small shops, and boutiques. Northern Liberties is known as the fastest growing neighborhood in Philadelphia and is full of exciting potential. Living in Northern Liberties

Things to See and Do in Northern Liberties

Throughout the 19th and 20th century Northern Liberties was a huge hub of manufacturing but now is home to some of the most exciting attractions in the city of Philadelphia. Near the center of Northern Liberties Philadelphia is The Piazza at Schmidt’s. Originally The Piazza was a brownfield of underdeveloped property that has now transformed into a beautiful 80,000 square foot open air plaza. Hosting events year-round The Piazza at Schmidt’s entertains with free festivals, concerts, a farmer’s market, and even shows Phillies and Eagles games on its theater-sized flat screen.

Located on North American Street and 3rd Street is Liberty Lands, a community park that is known as the social hub of Northern Liberties Philadelphia. Liberty Lands Park includes a community vegetable garden, a stage, and a water run-off system. All of the captured rain water is put to good use as it is used to water the Liberty Land grounds and flower gardens.
As old mills, leather tanneries, iron foundries, and other factories in Northern Liberties Philadelphia have been renovated throughout the years, one brewery still remains, Yards Brewing Company. Since 1994 Yards has been providing high quality craft beer to the city of Philadelphia. One of the largest breweries in the area, Yards helped ignite the craft beer revolution in the area. Hosting events and brewery tours year-round, Yards helps give insight to a treat most of us love indulging in.

Keeping Their Reputation

Named in Forbes as one of the most “hipster” cities in the United States, Northern Liberties Philadelphia has a reputation for being home to a community full of young artists and professionals alike. Although the area is changing and growing, Northern Liberties has no intentions on changing their reputation any time soon. Known for its “walkability,” all of the neighborhood’s top art galleries, coffee shops, and stores are located just a few short blocks away from each other. Moving towards the future, Northern Liberties will continue to grow and exceed expectations while staying true to its original youthful roots.



Northern Liberties Real Estate

Friday, September 27th, 2013

A thriving neighborhood located north of Philadelphia’s Center City, Northern Liberties is a truly up-and-coming neighborhood. What was once a thriving area for manufacturing, mills, and foundries in the early 20th century has been revitalized to become the home for a group of eclectic and vibrant young professionals in Philadelphia. Progressives, artists, and hipsters have all been assembling in Northern Liberties since the early 90’s due to cheap rental costs, which has created a large network of eccentric bars, restaurants, and businesses in the area. A hotbed of excitement and entertainment, Northern Liberties has slowly become one of the most popular sections of Philadelphia to live in. Northern Liberties Real Estate by Philly Living

The Reef Condominiums in Northern Liberties Philadelphia

Situated on the northern edge of Penn’s Landing is the Reef Tower, which is part of the Waterfront Square community. This condo building has recently seen a big surge in sales of their luxury condos as they have one of the best amenity packages dollar for dollar in the whole city. Offering some of the best views of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge and the Delaware River that Philadelphia has to offer, living in the Reef Tower feels like living at a seaside resort. Waterfront Square is comprised of five different buildings totaling 780 condominiums and occupies 1.3 million square feet. These condominiums are the perfect place for any first time home buyer or the family that isn’t ready for the complete hustle and bustle of the city. Located right outside of Center City, Northern Liberties has a suburban feel with unrivaled walkability.

This unit 901 N Penn St. #F1608 in the Reef Tower perfectly exemplifies the Northern Liberties Neighborhood. At a reasonable price of $340,000 it is right below the average of $350,000 usually found in Northern Liberties. All available units in the Reef Tower have beautiful hardwood floors, marble bathrooms, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and plenty of other amenities.  The number of 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom units available at the Reef Tower on 901 N Penn St. is perfect for the crowd currently living in Northern Liberties, where the number single 20 and 30 year olds outnumber the married couples significantly. Philly Living has a number of units available in the Reef Tower ranging from $769,000 to$250,000 fitting the price range and life style of everyone in Philadelphia. Offering a 24 hour concierge service, valet parking, and a shuttle service that drops off residents in the heart of Center City, the Reef Tower is in perfect location and available at the perfect price for the young eccentric crowd in Northern Liberties.

What You Need to Know about Northern Liberties Schools

Monday, July 29th, 2013
Gen. Philip Kearny School

The Gen. Philip Kearny School is Northern Liberties’ neighborhood public elementary school.

Are you considering living in Northern Liberties? The neighborhood has a lot to recommend it: a high quality of life, good parks, convenience and great local businesses and restaurants, If you have children, though, you probably want to know more about Northern Liberties schools. This article has what you need to learn more about Northern Liberties schools:

Northern Liberties Schools

Public Elementary: Gen. Philip Kearny

Public High School: Julia Reynolds Masterman*, Bodine High School for Intertnational Affairs*

Parochial Elementary: St. Peter the Apostle

Parochial High School: Roman Catholic High SchoolJohn W. Hallahan Catholic Girls’ High School

Public Charter: Walter D. Palmer Leadership Learning Partners Charter School (preK-4), Laboratory Charter School of Communications and LanguagesYoung Scholars Charter School (6-8)

*citywide magnet school

Northern Liberties Hits its Stride

Monday, July 8th, 2013

Northern Liberties Philadelphia Real Estate BoomAreas across Philadelphia have recently seen major growth and change. One in particular has become a mecca for young professionals; musicians, businesspeople, and local artists alike recently have been calling Northern Liberties home. It is easy to see why. This Philly neighborhood sits on a prime location rife with property opportunity. Bordering Center City, Northern Liberties is filled with abandoned properties and shuttered factories. In the past several years, property values in the area have experienced a boom. These value increases have naturally led to increased property demand in the area as a growing number of Philadelphians attempt to capitalize on the growth of the Northern Liberties neighborhood.

Philadelphia Real Estate Boom Is In the North

The past few months have accelerated more developing and exciting plans for the growing Philadelphia neighborhood. From homes to restaurants, the growth of Northern Liberties continues to exceed expectations. Recently, the neighborhood zoning committee approved new construction for eight additional single-family homes on 933-37 Front Street. Likewise, a new section of the Delaware River Trail segment recently opened in the neighborhood. This segment of the trail separates foot and bike traffic with a bi-directional bikeway and a ten-foot-wide pedestrian walkway.

As a potential bolster for the culture and community scene, plans for a potential jazz club and restaurant idea have been brought to the Northern Liberties Neighborhood Associations (NLNA). If approved, the dual-use establishment will have 150-seat availability and will feature an outdoor garden with some cool nooks and crannies scattered around the restaurant. The plans are still in the works for the work-in-progress proposal. Likewise, 850 North 4th Street is also finishing up their development of new houses constructed by Harman Deutsch. This development, along with other projects on New Market Street and Front & Poplar will continue to be developed over the next year.

NoLibs Wants to Stay Hip

One aspect of Northern Liberties that will not be changing anytime soon is its reputation. Named one of America’s top hipster neighborhoods by, NoLibs, as it’s often called, plans to keep its hipster association intact. The NLNA has a clear vision of the neighborhood’s future, filled with the hipster neighborhood essentials of a walking community, plenty of restaurants, coffee shops and art galleries. Current residents can rest assured that NLNA will actively maintain the unique character of the town.

With the guidance of the NLNA, the neighborhood will continue to flourish and grow into one of Philly’s top neighborhoods. Hipster rep aside, the up and coming neighborhood has become a beacon of growth and development for the city of Philadelphia. It’s no wonder hipsters and Philadelphians alike are flocking to this booming area.

Mayor Nutter’s Philadelphia Neighborhoods Campaign

Friday, June 28th, 2013

Mayor Nutter Philadelphia Neighborhoods Campaign

Those of you used to all talk and no action from your politicians might want to sit down a minute. Mayor Michael Nutter has proven repeatedly that he is not that type of politician, and his recent endeavor to promote Philadelphia tourism through his Philadelphia Neighborhoods Campaign has been an excellent illustration of the sort of hands-on action we’ve learned to

expect from Mayor Nutter.

This effort on the Mayor’s part seeks to reintroduce Philadelphians to their city while offering those not living in Philly a peek at all the City has to offer. The tour takes Mayor Nutter through various Philadelphia neighborhoods by trolley. He visited fourteen “visitor-ready” Philadelphia neighborhoods that are considered excellent examples of the success of the Philadelphia revitalization efforts of his administration.

Mayor Nutter revealed the motivations behind the Philadelphia Neighborhoods Campaign, saying, “Great neighborhoods make a great city; Passyunk is one of the great neighborhoods in Philadelphia.”

Bella Vista – With its famous Italian Market, many Italian delis and cafes, Bella Vista is a family-friendly residential neighborhood with plenty of family businesses and amazing food to be sampled and savored.

Callowhill – Restaurants and music venues provide an active nightlife fueled by the local artist populations, making this Philadelphia neighborhood a hit for those seeking a bite, a drink, and live music.

Cedar Park – Multicultural eateries provide a sample of the world’s best foods in Cedar Park. A stroll through this neighborhood presents classic Victorian architecture and a true taste of Philly’s diversity.

East Passyunk – This Philadelphia neighborhood provides an array of the city’s most popular bars and restaurants, giving it an active day and nightlife. For a great steak or an excellent margarita, head down to East Passyunk.

Fairmount – Philly’s fine arts center, Fairmount features the Philadelphia Museum of Art and such historic sites as Eastern State Penitentiary. Fairmount is truly a Philadelphia neighborhood that capture Philly’s artsy character.

Fishtown – Fishtown may not have the most enticing name of all Philadelphia neighborhoods, but its history of involvement in the commercial fishing industry does not belie the many independent businesses and restaurants to be enjoyed on its narrow streets.

Graduate Hospital – Classic Philadelphia brick construction and myriad eateries and taverns make Graduate Hospital a Philadelphia neighborhood worth revisiting if you have not in some time.

Northern Liberties – Have we mentioned Philadelphians love their food? Northern Liberties is a Philadelphia neighborhood that has been on the up-and-up since the 90s, encouraging a great local dining culture and nightlife.

Pennsport – Donuts, delis, hoagies, and cheesesteaks are just the beginning of the authentic Philly offerings available in Pennsport. This neighborhood is considered up-and-coming thanks to a recent increase in those moving from the ‘burbs to Pennsport.

Powelton Village – Beautiful houses and local businesses with a lot of personality are what you’ll find in Powelton Village, a lovely Philadelphia neighborhood often overlooked by tourists.

Queen Village – For a more mature experience of fine dining and casual cocktails in a neighborhood that houses some of Philly’s oldest residences, visit Queen Village an upscale Philly neighborhood with an older population.

Spring Garden – Spring Garden is just north of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, giving it a secluded, calmer feel. Its tree-lined streets and comfy cafes are excellent environments for a relaxing afternoon.

Spruce Hill – Capturing the big, bold character of West Philly, Spruce Hill is the neighborhood to visit. Full of eccentrics from artists to entrepreneurs and passionate athletes, this Philadelphia neighborhood captures Philly’s individualistic spirit.

University City – Home to Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania, University City is the heart of academia in Philly, offering residents and visitors great parks populated with students and the Institute of Contemporary Art.

Philadelphia’s Hottest Neighborhoods in 2013, Part Two

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

best-philly-neighborhoods-to-buy-a-houseIn our last post, we began our look at the top ten hottest neighborhoods in Philadelphia as forecasted by market trends seen in the first quarter of 2013. Today, we continue our journey through Philly’s fastest-growing neighborhoods and look at a few areas where properties barely hit the market before they are sold.

Demand in some of the neighborhoods below has many surprised and bodes well for the continued recovery and growth of the Philadelphia housing market.

The Big Five of Philly’s Top 10 Hottest Neighborhoods

Cedar Park – Cedar Park is home to historic architecture of the Queen Anne style. The westward expansion of University City has put this Philadelphia neighborhood on the map of many knowledgeable house-hunters. This Philly neighborhood sports a great variety of cafes and restaurants whose menus span the globe. The efforts of its neighborhood association are drawing investment in preserving its historic buildings.

Northern Liberties – Take a look at Northern Liberties and gaze at the future of Fishtown about a decade from now. The youthful hipsters of the Bush era took over Northern Liberties, revitalized it, and were slowly driven out by the rising prices. Now, young and established professionals alike are drawn to Northern Liberties, enjoying its thriving restaurant scene and almost small-town charm.

Avenue of the Arts – Property values are skyrocketing in this once fallow neighborhood thanks to the construction of new apartments, condos, and townhouses. Avenue of the Arts is drawing young professionals who enjoy its shopping, restaurants, bars, and nightlife. Proximity to public transit and a fashionable reputation ensure Avenue of the Arts will remain a hot neighborhood for some time.

Washington Square West – The locals call it the “Gayborhood,” and yes, there is a sizable gay and lesbian population in Washington Square West. This influx of single professionals and dual-income-no-kids (DINK) couples has likely been key to this neighborhood’s complete rebirth. With thriving businesses and rising property values, Washington Square West is drawing all manner of young professionals and young families who appreciate its amazing restaurant scene and bohemian feel.

Rittenhouse Square – In the middle of it all, Rittenhouse Square offers shopping, restaurants, parks, and access to all that Philly has to offer. This neighborhood is seeing an influx of investment from the more established, including empty nesters, professionals from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, and those who can afford its higher property values. Price, it seems, will never be enough to keep Rittenhouse Square from being one of the most popular neighborhoods in Philadelphia.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at a Famous Philadelphia Pub Crawl

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

No city does St. Patrick’s Day better than Philadelphia, and there’s no better way to spend St. Patrick’s Day than with an old fashioned Irish pub crawl.  This March, grab your four-leaf clover, dress up in green, and take a tour of some of the best Irish pubs in Philly at one of these famous St. Patrick’s Day pub crawls.


Official Saint Paddy’s Pub Crawl Philadelphia
Sunday, March 17, 3 p.m.-11 p.m.
Begins at Red Zone, 35 South Second Street, Old City

The producers of the world’s largest pub crawl,, presents Philadelphia’s “official” St. Patrick’s Day pub crawl.  Hang out in Old City’s best pubs, meet new friends, and enjoy drink specials like $1 (12 oz.) draft beers, $2 bottle beers, $3 well drinks, and $4 Irish whiskey.  Register for only $10, or paint the town green with 3 days of pub crawls with a special all-access pass.  Only $20 gets you access to the Happy Hour St. Paddy’s Day Pub Crawl on March 15, the Saint Paddy’s Day Luck of the Irish Pub Crawl on March 16, and finally the Official Saint Paddy’s Day Pub Crawl on March 17.  You can even add on a Saint Paddy’s Day T-shirt for an additional $10.


Running of the Micks
Saturday, March 9, 12 p.m.-11 p.m.
Begins at Finnigan’s Wake, Third and Spring Garden Streets, Northern Liberties

“Drink, ride, and run up the Art Museum steps,” Rocky-style, at the wildest pub crawl in Philadelphia.  Visit Philly’s hottest bars and enjoy live music, contests, and drink specials for 11 straight hours.  Finish off the evening with a historic run up the Art Museum steps.  General admission is only $15, and special VIP access, including an open beer bar, is $80.


Erin Express
Saturday, March 9 and Saturday, March 16, 12 p.m.-6 p.m.

Philly’s number one St. Patrick’s Day celebration is presented by Cavanaugh’s Restaurant and Sports Bar in University City.  Get absolutely free bus transportation for six whole hours, and visit the Erin Express “depots,” including Mill Creek Tavern, Smokey Joe’s, The Blarney Stone, Westy’s, and many more.  Buses run in a continuous loop every 15-20 minutes, so there is no starting or ending location.  Best of all, there is no registration charge!  All you have to do is show up at one of the depots, buy yourself a drink, and hop on the next bus.

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