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You may have heard the buzz about the Timber Towers: one architectural firm's proposal for an interesting alternative to the usual steel structures that we see along the Philly skyline. The firm, Hickok Cole, proposed a timber structure at site of the rumored third Comcast Tower for the Skyhive Skyscraper Challenge: of course we had to get an interview with a few of the team members-Anthony Maiolatesi, Sean McTaggart, and Rosa Zlotkovsky- for more information about the company and their proposed design.    
  • How did you become interested and involved in this project and in this line of work?

We’ve seen hypothetical mass timber projects on design blogs for years, but one event that really kicked things into gear was “Timber

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We wanted to thank Fitler Club Founder and CEO David Gutstadt for dedicating the time to speak with us and share more about the lifestyle club coming to Philadelphia!

Being the owner and creator of the Fitler Club, what do you imagine seeing when you walk through the club when it’s members are enjoying all the amenities & what conversations do you foresee overhearing as you walk through?

I imagine seeing a diverse community of Philadelphia's leaders and influencers coming together to work, socialize and play - and enjoying all the various areas of the club while socializing, working out or conducting business.     How did you decide on the space at 2400 Market Street?
As soon as I walked into the building, I knew it was Fitler…
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Philadelphia has its fair share of breweries and micro-breweries, however, what are those who aren't into the typical IPA or Belgian to do? That's where the new owners of Hale & True, Risa & Kerry McKenzie have focused their efforts - those who aren't into beer or looking for something a little different. We checked in with the McKenzie's to get some detail on Hale & True, tucked between Society Hill & Hawthorne on South 7th Street, to learn more about the process of making cider, how they got into the business, what we can expect when we visit Hale & True...and of course, when they're opening their doors! Here's what Risa & Kerry had to say about their cidery:

We’ve read you used to make cider out of your apartment, can you go more in depth about

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Comparison of House Construction Costs around the World

When deciding the worth of a piece of real estate, many people tend to look at land price and overlook construction costs. Both factors combined, will provide us with the value of a property. If you are deciding where to build your next dream home, the construction costs of property is one you need to be familiar with.


Developing vs developed countries

When you put the construction costs of homes in various countries alongside each other, you find out that developing countries tend to have lower construction costs. That is true in the case of Thailand, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Brunei and Vietnam. So, why does constructing a house in US costs so much more than

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In February, Philly was named one of the Best Cities for Public Transportation by Smart Asset. Living without a vehicle in a city that provides access to quality public transportation can make your morning commute much easier, but knowing the ins and outs of how the system works can save you some time and cash as well.

The average auto commuter spends 42 hours each year stuck in traffic, according to the Texas A&M Transportation Institute. If you live in the Philadelphia region, you may be laughing to yourself at that number.  Seems a little light, right?  So, if you have a better option for getting where you want to go, why wouldn’t you take it?


The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) is an excellent transit

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You’re looking to buy a home.  Unless you have a stockpile of cash, you’ll need a mortgage.  Simple enough, right?  Well, there are a few limiting factors for most.  We’ve seen in past posts that just because you qualify for a mortgage of a certain amount, does not mean that you can afford it.  We’ve also looked at ways to select a mortgage lender, as well as budgeting, spending, and general financial housekeeping.  

So what’s left—what is the last potentially limiting factor in the home buying process?  For many, it is understanding your credit score. 

A basic definition of your credit score is the risk you pose to a lender in terms of paying back your loan--in this case, your mortgage.  The score lenders look at helps them determine and

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The condo lifestyle can offer a prime location, five star amenities and access to public transportation, but it can also limit your space. If you love your condo but need some creative storage ideas to hold all of your stuff, we have the answer! Even if you’re not desperate for more space, these storage ideas are so creative, you may want to take advantage anyway.

Storage Ottoman

Using furniture that can double in function is a great space saver (and a good way to clear the clutter). Grab an ottoman or two that can act as seating for guests, décor when it’s not being used, and storage space just by pulling off the top. Put away toys, books, decorations, or whatever you need to hide.

Hang It

Minimize the use of your valuable floor space by

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If you’ve started the house hunting process, you know the task of finding the right home for your family can be stressful enough.  Now mix in the probability of multiple offers on your dream house, structural damage, or nightmare neighbors, and it’s no wonder the average house hunter has trouble deciding on the right home. If you’re in the middle of the search, or getting ready to begin, here are some insider house-hunting secrets to keep in mind.

Structural Damage

New paint, shiny appliances and plush new carpet can’t make up for cracks in the foundation or those running down the wall. If a home isn’t structurally sound, anything that’s done to make it more attractive is just hiding the inevitable – the home needs a lot of work, and could

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Philly knows Independence Day like nowhere else in the nation.  Unlike most cities, we are reminded of the events of our fledgling nation around every corner and down every alley in neighborhoods like Old City, Society Hill, and Midtown Village.

When it comes to the actual holiday, we know you just want to get to the fun and the food, so we’re making decorating for summer holidays easy. Whether you’re planning a cookout, picnic or poolside party, these easy July 4th decorating tips will create a festive atmosphere.

Patriotic Paper Lanterns

You can grab inexpensive paper lanterns at nearly any craft store. Buy multiples of red, white, and blue lanterns to light up your stoop, patio, or deck. If those colors aren’t available, opt for all white

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Back on National Beer Day, we celebrated Philly’s many breweries (click here to check out some of our favorite breweries), but that was for a national “holiday”—now, it’s Philly’s time to shine on a hyperlocal level in its own unique celebration of suds.  Philly Beer Week’s purpose?  Well, according to the nonprofit’s website, it “is to promote Philadelphia's diverse beer community both through our ten-day festival and throughout the year with our calendar of events and through social media promotion.”  Spread out over 10 days, we are sure you’ll find a Philly Beer Week event to fit your schedule.  Here are three events going on this weekend.

Official Philly Beer Week Beer Garden

Featuring everything from breweries battling in swan boat races,

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