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February 2015

There are 39 blog entries for February 2015.

red carpetRoll out the red carpet for your guests on Oscar Night and bask in the rave reviews for your party. Here's how to throw the ultimate VIP event.

Special to Philly Living

It’s that time of year again. The night we’ve all been waiting for: The Oscars! Whether you are watching for the red carpet couture, the celebrity sightings or actually want to see which film wins “Best Picture,” the evening's real star will be you, if you're inviting friends over for an Oscar-watching party. Marianne Gere, owner of ConshyGirls Events and Catering in Conshohocken, offers these ideas for an Academy Award-winning party.

Yes, that’s right. Glitz, glamour and good times can all be yours with a few simple tricks so that you can be the star of your own V.I.P.

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Roland Kassis delivering presentation to FNADeveloper Roland Kassis walks Fishtowners through his proposed hotel/shared office/restaurant/club/event space complex on Frankford Avenue at last night's Fishtown Neighbors Association meeting.

That 19th-century former light industrial building with the Shepard Fairey mural just up from Frankford Hall on Frankford Avenue in Fishtown moved one step closer to getting a new lease on life when the Fishtown Neighbors Association voted overwhelmingly last night to support developer Roland Kassis' request for variances needed to turn it and two adjacent parcels into a boutique hotel and co-working facility.

But first, before the lopsided vote to support the project, Fishtowners peppered Kassis with questions about the proposal and vented their

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Living-dining room

Here's a class act of a home: well maintained and up to date, this Fishtown home packs a lot of style and comfort into a handsome package.

Living room

Architectural details like exposed brick walls and hardwood floors throughout give this home personality, while large windows fill it with natural light.

Living-dining room, view from kitchen

The first thing you will notice when you walk into the front door is the spacious open-plan living-dining area, which can be configured to suit your taste.

Living-dining room with stairs and view into kitchen

There's plenty of room here to accommodate both your family and friends, for entertaining and for relaxation.


This space flows naturally into the up-to-date kitchen, which features farmhouse-style cabinetry, the latest stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and tile

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Gregorian chants are an acquired taste, but they have a strangely calming effect on your blog editor, who knows he's not alone in experiencing this sensation: Buddhists and adherents of a number of other religions also engage in chants to reach some higher spiritual plane or focus on what matters more clearly. Then, of course, there are the chants that sports fans routinely launch to either egg their teams on or insult or intimidate their opponents. We ran across a building recently where it looks like we could buy some - or maybe perform some? Or did we run across something else entirely? If you think we're a bit off base in our interpretation of this sign, tell us what's really going on here—and even if you agree, tell us where we spotted this (the sign

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The editors of a newspaper in battleground Ohio voice sour grapes over the Democrats' decision to convene in Philadelphia next year; for a mere $2.05 million, you can grab yourself a legitimate piece of History in Society Hill—the home built by James Nevels, the master carpenter of Independence Hall and Carpenters' Hall who also founded the city's first architectural school; Hey, lovebirds, need quick, cheap nuptials? A wedding salon in East Lansdowne's got you covered; and while the editor of Curbed Philly was surprised to find out that she was "Country to the Core," we were quite pleased to learn that we were indeed a "City Dweller Fo'eva":

Editorial: DNC picks Philadelphia over Columbus (Canton Repository)
Jaw-Dropper of the Week: Society Hill Home

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If your FICO score is on the low side and you'd like to get it up to the point where you can qualify for a good rate on a mortgage—or even qualify for one at all—there are ways to do it.

They will, however, take time, especially if your score is in the fair-to-poor range. But since the strategies involve good credit management habits anyway, they're worth pursuing for your own sake.

The biggest and most impoirtant ones are:

Pay your bills on time. Late payments and collection activity are among the biggest things that depress your credit score, and they cause it to fall a lot.

If you have missed payments, get current and stay current. The longer you pay your bills on time, the higher your score.

Pay down your credit card balances. A

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Map of initial Indego station network
This map, which is still being tweaked, gives you an idea of where the initial network of 60 Indego bike share stations will be located. We just hope the system's still called Indego when it formally launches this spring.

Mayor Michael Nutter yesterday formally unveiled the city's new bike-share network, a round-the-clock service that will offer 600 bikes for checkout at 60 stations located throughout Center City, North, South and West Philadelphia.

Nutter also announced that as Independence Blue Cross will pick up just over half the tab for the $16 million initial network, the system will be named "Indego," a combination of "independence" and "go" that also brings to mind a certain shade of deep blue, deeper than the blue being used to mark the

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Philly Democrats, get ready to party your asses off next year; that star-crossed apartment complex in Conshohocken changes hands, and its seller takes a haircut on the deal; The City Controller goes rummaging through Licenses and Inspections' roster of vacant properties with open violations and finds 101 of them imminently dangerous; and a coalition of parents and education advocates continues to press its argument that Pennsylvania's current school funding formula denies students in poorer districts the "thorough and efficient education" the state Constitution mandates:

5 reasons why Democrats are going to Philly in 2016 (USA Today)
Riverwalk apartment complex in Conshohocken sells at a loss (Philadelphia Business Journal)
101 vacant Philadelphia

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RiverRink Sweetheart SkateLove is in the air, along with a bit of a chill. Sounds like a forecast for a wonderful Valentine's Day on ice at the Blue Cross RiverRink. Not into romance? Maybe skating with flesh-eating zombies is more your speed. You can do that too, on Friday the 13th.

This is Valentine's Day weekend, and the forecast says that there will be a chill as well as love in the air. So what better way to celebrate love's special day with a romantic evening on ice?

But we know that not everyone's into the whole Valentine's Day shtick. For them, we offer a spooky alternative the evening before.

Let's start with that second event first. This one falls, appropriately enough, on Friday the 13th: The folks who bring you "Terror Behind the Walls" at Eastern State

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Rendering of proposed hotel
Rendering of proposed hotel at 17th and Chancellor streets. Judging from the news release, the Hudson name is out of the picture now.

The Center City Residents Association's board of directors voted Feb. 10 not to oppose a bill before City Council that would rezone the lot at the southeast corner of 17th and Chancellor streets in Rittenhouse Square to allow the construction of a 12-story boutique hotel on the site.

The hotel's developer, Chancellor Hotel Associates LP, announced the vote in a news release yesterday.

“We’ve been working closely with the Center City Residents’ Association and the area’s neighbors to ensure that the project enhances the experience of everyone who lives in or visits the neighborhood,” Carol Horne Penn, project

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