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February 2014

There are 7 blog entries for February 2014.

4 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home's Exterior

file0002000388241/aBy Kurt Jacobson

Spring is all about the breezy sunny weather and a refreshing energy to make a change. Many people make use of this time to refresh their home after the long snowy winter days. Spring-cleaning can be time consuming but it will surely leave you feeling refreshed and productive. Spring is the time of the year when you want to finish all those tasks and do some justice to the beauty of your house. Here are some of the ways you can reinvent your home’s exterior during spring.

1. Power Wash Your House.

Many people try to leave this washing to Mother Nature and assume that rain will give their house a nice bath. Although rain can wash off the dirt of your exterior but it is likely that

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Rittenhouse Square Real Estate: A Look at Philly’s Urban Community

Take a walk down Rittenhouse Square’s real estate areas and the fashionable streets are sure to guarantee a delightful respite from the metropolitan hubbub. The area is filled with some of Philadelphia’s swankiest restaurants, the most charmingly exclusive retail shops while simultaneously providing a fun, family atmosphere. Rittenhouse Square: A Look at Philly’s Urban Community by Philly Living/a estate becomes a more valued commodity to homeowners, a new high-rise residential rental building has been recently constructed to compliment Rittenhouse Square’s neighborhood popularity.

Checking out 2116 Chestnut Street in Rittenhouse Square

As one of the newest Rittenhouse Square real estate developments, the 2116 Chestnut Street was erected with the…
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We'll have to wait for that Mercantile Library makeover

Mercantile Library, 2013 Back in October, we reported that Michael Ryan Architects had received a zoning permit that would allow it to proceed with a previously announced restoration and renovation of the historically certified Mercantile Library at 1021 Chestnut Street in Washington Square West. At the time, we expressed some cautious optimism: "We may be jumping the gun on this," we wrote. It turns out that we were. News broke on Friday (on Philadelphia magazine's Property blog and on Curbed Philly) that Ryan has put the library building up for sale. Asking price: $1.69 million. That's a good bit more than the $750,000 Ryan paid for the building in 2011, and even more than the former owner's original asking price of…
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New Construction in Philadelphia: Terminal F at Philadelphia Airport

The long-awaited Philadelphia Airport construction project has finally come into view. With it, one airport terminal, considered an auxiliary building, will become a main hub in the airport’s infrastructure. Terminal F, a long-time underutilized space for space for US Airways Express flights, will feature more flights, a food court, and modern passenger amenities. The New Construction in Philadelphia International Airport’s Terminal F by Philly Living/aslated to finish in the fall of 2015.

What Changes Will Occur to Terminal F?

Terminal F opened initially to host US Airways Express flights in 2001. Slowly but surely, the terminal became more utilized, as 16.7% of airport passengers frequent Terminal F today. The opportunity to expand the space and open more…
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Living in Philadelphia: Philly Homeowners Can Receive Tax Relief Today

living-in-philadelphia-homeowners-receive-tax-relief/acity. The new Philadelphia administration has set aside $20 million for its long-tenured homeowners. The previous mayoral administration had raised property taxes, partly due to rising home values throughout the state. With the induction of the PHL Tax Loop, many of those living in Philadelphia for a decade will be rewarded for their tolerance and payment through those years. Those approved through this one-time offer will have their tax bill reduced for ten years, contingent on continued success with requirements.

PHL Tax Loop Requirements For Those Living in Philadelphia

In order for residents to be eligible for the PHL Tax Loop, they must fill out these requirements by…
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1706 Rittenhouse Square: Philly’s Hottest Condos

Learn More about Rittenhouse Square’s Hottest Condos by Philly Living/ay from the fast pace of the city, Rittenhouse Square houses some of the most wanted real estate in Philadelphia.

A Look Inside 1706 Rittenhouse Square

This 31-story condo building was completed in 2010, and comes with a hefty, but deserving, price tag. 1706 Rittenhouse residents live a life of lavishness and enjoy a vibrant hangout scene steps away from their front doors. Elegant shopping districts and haute cuisines are a familiar occurrence at Walnut Street from Broad to 20th . With 10-foot ceilings, private balconies and floor-to-ceiling windows, 1706 Rittenhouse has access to a panoramic and unspoiled view. The beautifully open layout of the floor gives residents freedom to redesign and…
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