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January 2014

There are 9 blog entries for January 2014.

Open House: Exploring Chestnut Hill and 8233 Seminole St.

One of the most popular residential areas in Philadelphia, Chestnut Hill is just like a small town inside a bustling city. Located right on the outer edge of the Philadelphia, there are many different easy and affordable ways to travel into all of the action and excitement the city offers. With its own distinctive look and feel Chestnut Hill has many different gardens, parks, museums, and restaurants that make it sometimes feel like a city that is twice its size. Exploring Chestnut Hill 8233 Seminole St by Philly Living/a Chestnut Hill real estate has some of the best property available in Philadelphia, but none are more beautiful and impressive than this home located at 8223 Seminole St. This fully updated stone colonial home is located…
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Top 5 Healthy Restaurants in Northern Liberties

To the untrained eye, Philadelphians may not notice the infusion of Northern Liberties real estate dedicated to healthy eating. Low and behold, one of Philadelphia’s most exciting neighborhoods is now home to a slew of establishments for the health nut, vegetarian, or dieting individual. With health crazes booming throughout the country, Northern Liberties has joined in on the action. Check out the fabulous dining options available in the neighborhood, from the casual brunch to an elegant dinner.

Northern Liberties Real Estate Goes Lean

Showcasing the Best Healthy Restaurants in Northern Liberties by Philly Living/a Gluten-free fanatics will love Sazon, which offers plenty of options sans gluten on their menu. Not to mention, they also offers a 100% gluten-free buffet on…
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Open House: 316 S 10th Street Washington Square West

316 S 10th Street Washington Square West by Philly Living/ait could easily be the next place you call home.

A Walk through 316 S 10th Street Washington Square West

Located right on the corner of 10th and Pine Street is this one of a kind Georgian Style home, which is one of the available houses to rent in Philadelphia. The outside of this home at 316 S 10th Street looks like a dream and is truly stunning, while the inside has been completely renovated to allow the homeowners to enjoy modern day amenities. The interior features 14 foot high ceilings, two fire places, crown moldings, and pine floors. The first floor includes expansive entertaining space coupled with a formal dining room and a large sized living room. The kitchen is unique and unlike…
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Transforming Pearl Street into an Arts Destination

Pearl Street runs four blocks long, an elongated alley with schools flocked on both sides. Despite its airy and well-lit lanes, the area is rundown and known as a very dilapidated area. When Center City real estate started its expansion, Pearl Street was left virtually untouched. Until this year, the street was highly underutilized and the lanes were littered with trash, and unkempt with large trash bins and graffiti-covered walls. In the past, the alley hosted illicit activities and operated as an unofficial shelter for the homeless who slept in the corners. The development in the area seemed initially hopeless, but the Asian Arts Initiative is leading a project to take back the neighborhood and…
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New Construction in Philadelphia: The W Hotel

1441 Chestnut Street is welcoming the W Hotel in January 2017. The City of Brotherly Love has been experiencing a high volume of new construction in Philadelphia, as developers flock in town to take advantage of the growing city. As Philadelphia’s housing market continues to rise, new construction in Philadelphia has become a familiar occurrence. In 2012, the W Hotel secured permits and approvals to move forward with building plans, along with a loan to finance the project. New Construction in Philadelphia: W Hotel by Philly Living/a

W Hotel’s Lush Accommodations and Amenities

The Chestlen Development, developer for the W Hotel, is asking for a tax financing for the new construction in Philadelphia. Overall, the tax financing will equal out to $33 million…
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Two, four, six, eight, how did our homes appreciate?

House Price Appreciation Map/a Pennsylvania's average annual house price appreciation of 4.59 percent since 1975 puts it in the middle of the pack of all 50 states.[/caption] If you've lived in Pennsylvania since 1975, you've probably done okay with the value of your home. If you haven't, then how well you've done depends on when you moved here. House prices in Pennsylvania have risen 4.59 percent per year on average over the period from 1975 through 2013. But as with most of the other 49 states, this figure smooths over significant swings in the market over that time period. Homeowners who purchased their homes after the 2008 housing market collapse, for instance, have seen higher gains, while those who purchased their homes…
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Rittenhouse Square Condominiums Philadelphia

  A treasure located in the heart of Philadelphia, Rittenhouse Square is a green leafy plot of land surrounded by Walnut Street, 18th and 20th Streets, Locust and Spruce. What was once the most fashionable sections of the city and home to the Victorian aristocracy, Rittenhouse Square is still known as the most elegant and luxurious part of Philadelphia. In 1825 the square was named after native Philadelphian and Revolutionary leader David Rittenhouse. The buildings around the square have a definite French influence and many elegant turn of the century buildings surround the area. rittenhouse-square-condominiums-philadelphia-philly-living/afinest hotels. Within walking distance to the best shopping, eating, and excitement the city of Philadelphia has to offer,…
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Chestnut Hill Real Estate at Philly Living

One of Philadelphia’s most historic neighborhoods is located in the northwestern corner of the city. Surrounded by Fairmount Park and laying adjacent to the Mt. Airy neighborhood is Chestnut Hill, one of the most beautiful and distinguished neighborhoods in the area. Germantown Ave is the heart of Chestnut Hill, as it is filled with cobblestone streets, antiques, shopping, and fine dining. Chestnut Hill is also home to Chestnut Hill College, The University of Pennsylvania’s Morris Arboretum, and the Woodmere Art Museum. Chestnut Hill Real Estate at Philly Living by Philly Living/a 2 E Chestnut Hill Avenue - Sitting atop “The Hill” on Germantown Ave, which is the highest point in Chestnut Hill is this home that was built in 1863. What was originally built as a…
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