Open House: Bella Vista’s Real Estate Opportunities

As Philadelphia real estate has continued to expand exponentially, construction sites are now a familiar sight in many Philadelphian neighborhoods. With so many contemporary changes, Bella Vista’s real estate is a refreshing property to walk through. Not only has the neighborhood been able to maintain a stronghold on its history, but it has also directly incorporated its strong ethnic past into its community as well. The neighborhood is drenched with family-oriented surroundings, making for a safe environment for Bella Vista’s residents. Open House Bella Vista Real Estate by Philly Living

Bella Vista’s real estate remains a popular option for Philadelphians thanks to the geographical sweet spot near the city limits. The close location affords Bella Vista’s residents easy ventures into the city while keeping the neighborhood mainly residential. For residents seeking a diversified culture, the oldest neighborhood is known to have a large melting pot of residents. The diverse population has a strong Italian culture at its heart with many other ethnicities calling Bella Vista home as well.

A Beautiful View Right Outside your Window

With Bella Vista translating literally to “beautiful sight,” the Philly neighborhood is free from a lot of the hustle and bustle of city life. Its tree-lined streets and small family-owned businesses make Bella Vista’s close-knit community one of a kind. Best known for the Italian Market, many residents and travelers shop at the large market. While the Italian Market operates as a diverse open-air hub, many other foodies trek out to Bella Vista to sample the authentic cuisines at generations-old restaurants. Even so, lots of residents flock to Bella Vista for great eats and great residential options. The neighborhood is perfect for anyone seeking a rich culture in a quiet area.

Many families call Bella Vista home and finding a great house in the neighborhood is easy to find with many real estate options. Most residents often look for close proximity to eateries and education to determine housing location. With so many options from historical homes to luxury condominiums, the choices seem endless. What better than a Bella Vista home that sits near most of Bella Vista’s transportation, restaurant, and shopping options? Families enjoy local conveniences that make for a great living experience. This 915 S. 13th Street home has all of the makings of a true American dream home: a 3-story tiered home with four bedrooms. With a spacious living/dining room and kitchen interior, the house has a private backyard patio attached downstairs for fun backyard activities. The second floor has a large bathroom with a laundry area and the first set of bedrooms with large closets. The third floor has two additional bedrooms to finish out the home’s spacious features. The home sits close to all of the excitement and culture Bella Vista has to offer.

With Bella Vista’s family-oriented community, the neighborhood has exciting leisure opportunities and small town charm. As a safe haven from the city, Bella Vista offers an intimate living experience for everyone to enjoy.

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Posted by Noah on October 31st, 2013
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