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December 2013

There are 6 blog entries for December 2013.

New home starts surge in November: Blip or trend?

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="368"] Housing starts surged 23 percent in November. Analysts say this is the beginning of a near-term trend. Photo: Sandy Smith.[/caption] New home starts surged 23 percent in November, according to data from the U.S. Department of Commerce. The pace of home building hit a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1.09 million, a sharp rise from the prior month's revised rate of 889,000. Experts say this signals an end-of-year pickup in the national housing market after a slowdown that lasted through the summer and fall. As to whether this uptick will prove durable, signals are mixed. Homebuilder confidence, as measured by the National Association of Home…
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South Philly Area: Residential Growth and Rich Culture

While many Philadelphia areas have been major growth, the South Philadelphia area has been one of the few neighborhoods surrounded by reminders of its authentic past. Living in South Philly, residents are able to see the characteristics from yesteryear carry over to the present today. Take a stroll down South Philly neighborhood streets to experience a beautiful neighborhood that has held onto many of its quirky 19th and 20th century roots. South Philly is enriched with many Italian-American and Irish-American families that have worked and lived in the area for generations. The affordable residential homes include neatly lined row homes and low-rise apartment complexes. The layout of the

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FHA lowers ceiling on mortgage loans in Philly

Mortgage graphic/aLooking to secure FHA financing on your new Philly home? Starting in January, you'll have to settle for a little less home. The Federal Housing Administration sets "floors" and "ceilings" for its guaranteed mortgages - minimum and maximum amounts it will provide financing for. Currently, for those seeking mortgages on single-family homes, the ceiling for Philadelphia is $420,000. For applications submitted starting Jan. 1, 2014, that amount will fall to $379,500. What this means is that time is running out quickly if you plan to obtain FHA financing for a home priced above $379,500 in this area. If you can complete an agreement of sale and file your mortgage application in time for you to receive an FHA…
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Queen Village: A Residential Neighborhood Guide

One of Philadelphia’s oldest residences, Southwark’s Queen Village, has recently been through a renaissance that has transformed it into a more gentrified neighborhood. The hipster restoration gives way to an up and coming neighborhood with a contemporary 21st century energy. The Queen Village neighborhood still has plenty of charm, preserved by the picturesque boutiques and cultural festivals that wrap around the residential homes. Trees line the narrow street blocks for a homey feel and the waterfront location offers a world-class view for residents. The neighborhood is perfect for the urban dwellers, young professionals, and families to set roots and call it home. Described as quaint and quietly…
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Top Ten Benefits to Living in Philadelphia

Steeped in history, Philadelphia is on the heels of an edifying renaissance. Composed of most of the nation’s firsts, the City of Brotherly Love has a distinctive food and arts scene, plenty of new commercial centers, and distinguishable neighborhoods. Many people know Philadelphia for the Liberty Bell and its succulent cheesesteaks, but it’s still an untapped secret for its prime relocation and retirement area.

Best Reasons to Live In Philadelphia

There are numerous different reasons why you should consider living in Philadelphia, but here’s our top ten list on this exciting and emerging city. Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Move to Philadelphia by Philly Living/a 1. It’s an active city. Right now, the city is currently developing a bike-share program to roll out…
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Open House: A Manayunk, Philadelphia House

Philadelphia’s trendy Manayunk neighborhood has held the high distinction of being named a National Historic District and a classic town home location. Since the beginning of the 1980s, Manayunk was able to reap the benefits of a renaissance with Main Street’s commercialization. As the revitalization started to expand, the popular Main Street began to house more and more upscale restaurants. It wasn’t long before the neighborhood transformed into a must-have residential hotspot for residents as Manayunk real estate boomed.

Open House with Manayunk Real Estate/a

A Manayunk House For Sale

Take a walk along Main Street and see the mill buildings line the block with renovated Victorian storefronts for a true family-friendly experience.

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