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March 2008

There are 3 blog entries for March 2008.

How PA's economy is keeping the real estate market strong

We've been arguing for months that the Philadelphia market is stronger than the press makes you believe. We were able to prove it in our market report where prices held (and even went up in certain neighborhoods)... So we were glad to see some good news come from people other than ourselves. TIME Magazine wrote a good article about how buyers can save money by buying now and Philadelphia Magazine reiterated all of the arguments we've been saying here and to our clients in their most recent issue. Earlier this month we learned of some additional good news when USA Today published numbers on the economy. it showed that while many states are in recession, Pennsylvania and Philadelphia in…
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Signs of strength -- Developers vote of confidence #2

Yet another sign of the strength of Philadelphia and Philadelphia real estate. Developers just announced they will be creating a neighborhood changing boutique hotel smack in the middle of Center City at 12th and Chestnut. No doubt this will become the anchor that attracts high end retail, restaurants, and apartment developments. Expect neighboring property values to rise and look forward to a hipper future for Philly! Get the full scoop at The Illdelph.
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Signs of strength -- Developers vote of confidence #1

I would like to introduce you to the American Commerce Center, the building that will mark the beginning of a new stage in Philadelphia's real estate development. At over 1500 feet, this building at 18th and Arch will be one of the largest buildings in the world, dramatically change Philly's skyline, and will attract thousands of high-paying jobs the city needs. I'll let you read the full details at Philly Sky Line, but let me just say this will be a big boost to the local economy and is a strong sign of the long term value of Philadelphia Real Estate.
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